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23by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
20 Nov 2011 16:36Jump!
Dassia Posner, William Gunn, Michael Morris, Maria Pia Pagani, Christopher Silsby, Eszter Jagica and Steve Wilmer, Vessela S. Warner
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Fairy-Tale Formalism: Akimov’s Productions of Shvarts’s The Shadow and The Dragon at the Leningrad Theatre of Comedy in the 1940s
17by Mike MorrisMike Morris
15 Nov 2011 05:36Jump!
Negotiating the Transition: Anatoly Lunacharsky and the Economics of Early-Soviet Theatre
15by Mike MorrisMike Morris
15 Nov 2011 03:34Jump!
Courting Foreign Capital in the Soviet Capitol: The Moscow Theatre Festival 1933-1937
15by Billy GunnBilly Gunn
18 Nov 2011 17:45Jump!
Russian Life in Chicago: The Migration Plays by Mikhail Berman-Tsikinovsky
13by Maria Pia PaganiMaria Pia Pagani
08 Nov 2011 10:13Jump!
Moscow’s Helikon Opera: Kitsch and Art in Transition to a Post-Soviet Economy
16by Billy GunnBilly Gunn
18 Nov 2011 21:37Jump!
Laibach and Janez Jansa: Queering National Identities Under Communism and Capitalism
11by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
21 Oct 2011 22:06Jump!
The Plays that Killed: Georgi Markov’s Drama and Bulgarian Communism in the 1960s
16by Billy GunnBilly Gunn
19 Nov 2011 06:15Jump!
Magda Romanska, Karen Berman, Dominika Laster, Diana Manole, Vesna Milanovic, Virginia H. Murphy, Anikó Szűcs
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The Economy of Transition: Post-1989 Theatre of Boguslaw Schaeffer
16by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
19 Nov 2011 17:25Jump!
The Snake in the Garden of Eden: The Economies of Freedom and Censorship in Havel’s Plays
11by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
29 Oct 2011 01:22Jump!
Theatre - An Indissoluble Communist Cell: On the Political Economy of the Polish Laboratory Theatre
15by Virginia MurphyVirginia Murphy
18 Nov 2011 20:37Jump!
From the Open Market to the Open Stage: Romanian Social Parables in the 1990s
27by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
19 Nov 2011 04:44Jump!
Bitef Theatre 1967-2011 - Between the East and West
11by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
09 Nov 2011 17:59Jump!
Adaptation as a More Economic Way to Alienation: The Case of Brecht’s Coriolan
17by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
19 Nov 2011 17:03Jump!
Uncanny Homecomings: Theatre Directors Peter Halasz’ and Andrei Serban’s Return to Eastern Europe in the Early 1990s
12by Dassia PosnerDassia Posner
16 Nov 2011 20:14Jump!

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